The Memorial Cube is innovative and revolutionary. The concept and terminologies may therefor not be familiar for the broader audience. Below you can find a clarification of the terminology.

Place a spherical urn in the Memorial Cube

All spherical urns in the Memorial Cube have the same size (stainless steel sphere with a diameter of 20 cm). The spheres are available in various designs. The sphere is equipped with a filler cap (diameter 32 mm) in which a chip is placed. After you (or a funeral company) have ordered an ash globe, the chip that has a unique code is linked to the deceased. You (or the funeral company) receive the ash sphere including the filler cap with the chip, after which you pour the ashes of the deceased into the ash sphere using the funnel supplied. You then need to reserve a date and time via the Memorial App at which you want to place the urn in the Memorial Cube. At the reserved time, hold the urn in front of the input tray of the Memorial Cube and the input tray appears. After you have placed the spherical urn on this input tray, the input tray slides in, after which the input unit closes again. A robot on the inside of the Memorial Cube then places the urn in a permanent place in the monument.

Remove a spherical urn from the Memorial Cube

Together with the urn you will also receive a so called 'tag' (Memorial Key) with the same unique RFID code as the closing lid of the spherical urn. You make a reservation using the Memorial App for the moment you would like remove the urn from the monument. After the reservation you will receive an email with the reservation details and shortly thereafter, final confirmation from us.
At the reserved time slot you hold the Memorial Key at the entrance gate of the Memorial Cube. Next, the gate will open after which the urn will appear. After retrieving the urn from the gate, it will close automatically. To place the urn back in the Memorial Cube you have to make a new reservation using the Memorial App.

Digital memory page (Memoirs) and Memorial App

Specifically for the deceased in the Memorial Cube and all other graves at the cemetery, the Memorial App has been developed (the app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store). Using the app, a digital profile of the deceased can be created using text and photos. At a later stage, other digital content like audio and video can be added as well. With this app, visitors of the cemetery can look up memoirs of all deceased with a digital profile. Using a QR code you can also find memoirs without using the app. In case you're looking for a specific grave, the app will point you in the right direction by showing a list of all deceased (including date of birth and date of death) on the cemetery. After you've found the deceased you're looking for, a handy map with a marker will be displayed indicating were the grave can be found.

Memorial Key

To retrieve the spherical urn from the Memorial Cube you need a so called 'Memorial Key'. This key will be supplied along the with the spherical urn. The Memorial Key contains an RFID chip that is linked to the urn of the deceased.