Target audience

Cemeteries, crematoria and professional football clubs at home and abroad have expressed an interest in the Memorial Cube. The Memorial Park Tongerseweg in Maastricht will be the world's first!

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Versatile solution

Funeral homes and crematoria are an important link in informing relatives about the various forms of ashes destination. Collecting a loved one's ashes from the crematorium a month after cremation often has a significant impact. Relatives have not always thought about the final destination of the ashes. The funeral company or crematorium can support them in this by placing the ashes in the Memorial Cube.

This also offers a solution for people who keep the ashes of their loved ones at home for a long time and who are looking for another solution. Due to the lack of proper ash destination, ash residues also end up in nature, which more often forms a burden on the environment. Placing the ashes in the ash sphere will prevent this in the future.

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The Memorial Cube at the cemetery

Cemeteries have been visited less and less in recent years due to the decrease in the number of burials and as they often lack modern ash destinations.

More and more people are opting for cremation. The lower costs and maintenance of a funerary monument are important reasons for this. Yet people want to be able to visit an attractive place to commemorate the deceased. Grass fields and the extensive columbaria have declined in popularity.

Many people experience the scattering of their loved one's ashes as an irreversible event whereby the tangible is permanently lost. People often need a place to commemorate. The Memorial Cube as a commemorative monument with all its digital memorial pages is a versatile addition to the modern cemetery.

The scattering of ashes in the wild often takes place without the necessary permission and is also a burden on our environment. Ashes from cremated people contain environmentally harmful substances. The storage of ash further prevents environmental pollution.

Cemeteries often suffer from a lack of space. The Memorial Cube can accommodate more than 3,000 urns and covers an area of ​​approximately 25m2. In addition, this monument offers unique memorial possibilities for relatives, which will increase the number of visitors to the cemetery again.

The Memorial Cube at the crematorium

The crematoria offer more and more forms of ash destination, if the required space and destination allow this.

Spreading fields and columbaria have reduced sharply in popularity. Burying urns also proves unsuccessful, because most relatives experience the maintenance of a funerary monument as a burden. In addition, the funeral industry has been looking for innovative solutions for some time now.

With its very limited dimensions, the beautiful memorial possibilities and innovative appearance, the Memorial Cube offers a innovative ash destination for the crematorium.

The ash spheres equipped with an RFID chip are available in many colors and color themes and can even be personalized. Digital photos can be displayed on the ash sphere, which also offers space for personally written messages.

The appearance of the Memorial Cube can be designed entirely according to your wishes so that it can be incorporated into the desired style of the crematorium. The monument will be an eye-catcher for visitors to the crematorium.

The Memorial Cube at the football club

Large (inter)national football clubs have been overwhelmed for years with the desire of supporters to get a final resting place at the club.

Various top Dutch clubs have shown interest in the Memorial Cube and almost all have beautiful training facilities where this monument comes into its own. These sports complexes are usually located in a green and wooded area and are visited daily by interested parties and walkers.

The profile pages can be filled by the supporters themselves. After their death, these will (if desired) be permanently visible to visitors of the Memorial Cube.

With the arrival of this monument, the club offers something tangible for its supporters, who can immediately start filling content (text and photos) on their web profiles.

Many professional clubs work with a funeral home. The Memorial Cube at the club increases the need for a ceremony when a supporter dies.