The memorial cube is a monument that is manufactured from sustainable environmental friendly materials, and is self-energized by solar panels that allows it to be placed anywhere the sun shines.

After cremation, the ashes can be stored in sphere-shaped urn. The urns are available in many colors and themes. An integrated RFID chip within each urn provides unique information about the cremated person.

The same RFID chip is linked to a profile allowing relatives to create a memorial page with pictures, videos and music. Being able to view and use these profiles while visiting the monument makes the Memorial Cube thé place to return to for relatives to keep memories alive.

How does a placement work?

Through funeral homes the chip in the urn provides access to the memorial cube. It is possible to play a ceremony at the monument right before placement. This can be done using the speakers in the Memorial Cube or using our special app.

After the urn has been presented to the monument and placed inside, a robotics system will then place the urn at the desired location in the monument using an intelligent system of channels.