Memorial Cube at the Memorial Park Tongerseweg

Memorial Park Tongerseweg in Maastricht has the worlds first Memorial Cube!

General information

You are visiting the website of the Memorial Cube, an innovative memorial monument in which spherical stainless steel urns (ash spheres) can be kept. You can place the ashes of your loved one in an ash sphere ball and then store them in this monument. You can also remove this ash sphere independently from the monument afterwards.

Insert a spherical urn

Order an ash globe via this order page. After receipt you can make a reservation to place the urn inside the monument with the Memorial App. Send us a message if you need help with ordering and / or reservation using the button 'Send a message or report a calamity'.

Remove a spherical urn

You can also pick up the spherical urn from the Memorial Cube at a time of your choosing. You can easily reserve this moment with the Memorial App.

Digital memorial page

In addition to the ash sphere, you will receive a digital memorial page that you can compile yourself with text and photos of your loved one. You can also make this information visible to other visitors. The digital memorial page is also available for all other graves in the cemetery.