Frequently asked questions

This page offers the most common questions and their answers. Is your question not listed? Don't hesitate to contact us.

How can I order a urn?

People that have a urn at home can order a spherical urn via our website. In case of recent funeral you can order this urn via your funeral home, crematorium or via the City desk of the municipality Maastricht.

Can I already reserve a place in the Memorial Cube?

You can make a reservation for the Memorial Cube at any given time via the Memorial App.

I already have a urn at home and I would like place it in the Memorial Cube. How does that work?

After you have ordered an spherical urn, you must indicate via the website whether you are responsible for filling the ash sphere yourself or whether you prefer to leave this to us. In the latter case, we will contact you for this. Of course you can also choose to order the urn through a funeral home and possibly have it filled (and placed) by this company.

Which contract durations are possible?

1, 5, 10 and 20 years. It is possible to extend with an additional 5 or 10 years.

What kind of spherical urns are available?

Under the assortiment page on this website you can find all urns that we have in stock. If you wish you can customize your own urn as well. Please inform us about this in the comment section when placing your order.

How will an order be delivered?

If you've ordered a urn at your funeral home, they will make the necessary arrangements with you directly. If you order the urn directly via our website, then it will usually ship within 24 hours.

What are the costs for a spherical urn in the Mourning and Memorial park Tongerseweg?

Spherical urn with QR code
and digital memorial page
2022 2023
1 year € 295 € 295
5 years € 395 € 395
10 years € 595 € 595
20 years € 1.050 € 1.050
Extend with 5 years € 300 € 300
Extend with 10 years € 500 € 500

How can I place the spherical urn in the Memorial Cube myself?

To start with, you must make a reservation via the Memorial App. Here you can choose a date and time that is most appropriate for you.

On the reserved time slot you present the urn with the rubber lid towards the entrance gate. As the gate opens you place the urn with the rubber lid down after which the entrance will close automatically. A robot will then later place the urn in its designated spot within the monument.

How do I remove a spherical urn from the Memorial Cube?

To start with, you must make a reservation via the Memorial App. Here you can choose a date and time that is most appropriate for you. You will receive a an email indicating the details of your reservation. Shortly therefor we will contact you to confirm the reservation. At the reserved time slot you can hold the Memorial Key in front of the entrance gate of the Memorial Cube. In a few moments the gate will open after which you can remove the urn. The gate will close automatically after you've removed the urn.

What happens to the urn when the rental period ends?

3 Months prior to the end of the contract you will receive an email. You can either extend the rental period with 5 or 10 years or we will schedule an appointment to remove the spherical urn from the monument.

How does the digitial memorial page work?

The memorial page is profile of the deceased that you can create yourself using the Memorial App. This profile is linked to an already existing grave (using GPS and a QR code) or to a urn placed in the Memorial Cube. When visitors visit a grave or the Memorial Cube, the Memorial App will show the profile of the deceased they're remembering. You can utilize the app to pinpoint a grave that you're looking for on a map. The memorial page can be seen as a history book of the cemetery.