The Memorial Cube has gained interest from burial sites, crematoriums and soccer clubs. This is why we developed business plans for these 3 fields.

The funeral homes play an important role in these plans since they are in direct contact with the relatives to whom the Memorial Cube can be brought under attention.

Often, relatives do not realize the impact collecting the remains of their loved ones has on them. In many cases, the ashes are kept at home indefinitely by lack of a better destination. With the Memorial Cube temporary storage of a urn becomes a possibility that allows relatives to make a permanent descision at a later date.

The Memorial Cube at the burial site

Burial sites receive less visitors every year because of the decrease in burials.

An increasing number of people choose a cremation. Burial sites more often then not, do have the necessary means or place to store ashes. Scattering places and columbariums are outdated.

Scattering of the ashes in nature often takes place without the necessary consent and furthermore has a grave impact on nature due to non-biodegradable items like metal and rich mineral concentrations in cremated remains.

From an emotional point of view, relatives often do not want to scatter the ashes because they judge the process of scattering as an irreversible and definitive event that further diminishes the little physical memory that's still left. Furthermore, relatives often want a place to grieve and bring up memories.

The Memorial Cube can host 3.700 urns, in a space that occupies only 15 square metres. Besides that, the monument offers many ways to memorize loved ones which will have a positive effect on the number of visitors.

The storage of ashes further prevents a negative impact on the environment.

De Memorial Cube bij het crematorium

The crematoriums in our country offer an increasing number of ways to store ashes depending the available space.

Scattering fields and columbariums suffer from a decrease in popularity and relatives usually do not spend a lot of money to bury the urn. Furthermore, crematoriums have been exploring new and innovative ways to offer a solution for urn storage.

The Memorial Cube offers with its limited dimensions and innovative appeal a perfect solution for the sector.

The urns are available in many colors and themes and can be further personalized with pictures or even a written message.

The appearance of the Memorial Cube can be completely customized to suit the preferred style of the crematorium. The monument will be an eye catcher for visitors and will increase interest from outside the field.

The Memorial Cube at the soccer club

The Memorial Cube serves as a very good solution to offer a last resting place for bigger soccer clubs. Several Dutch professional clubs have made their interest known to us.

Clubs usually have a green or woody training complex at their disposal that has activity on a daily basis and is being visited by supporters that follow trainings. It's these kind of places that qualify for a placement of the Memorial Cube.

With the Memorial Cube, soccer clubs can finally offer something tangible to their fans. A memorial profiles can be filled with stories and by using pictures and footages the memories of the fan will be kept alive.

These profiles can be filled and maintained by the fans themselves. After their passing away, their profiles will remain visible for other fans to view.

Many professional soccer clubs partner with funeral homes. The Memorial Cube increases the wish for club-related ceremonies in case of a passing away of a supporter.

The Memorial Cube offers a range of interesting business models that both the clubs and fans can benefit from.