The Memorial Cube is a monument that is manufactured from sustainable environmental friendly materials, and is self-energized by solar panels. It can host 3700 urns inside, in a space that occupies only 15 square metres and can communicate over the internet.

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In a nutshell

Burying deceased people is getting more and more an issue in many countries due to overcrowding and lack of appropriate location to bury. Cremation of deceased people is problematic for a very large group of relatives who don’t know what to do with the ashes afterwards.

The number of cremations is increasing every year and currently sits around 75% of all deceases. Funeral homes and burial sites have been exploring new ways to host ashes for quite some time now.

The Memorial Cube provides a solution for these problems.

Burial sites

Since more and more people choose to be cremated, burial sites are getting less popular. As a result, burial sites are being reorganized to provide new ways to host cremated remains.


A month after cremation, relatives can collect the remains of their loved ones. Receiving the remains is an emotional event which crematoriums can assist with by placing the urn, together or on behalf of the relatives, inside the monument.

More information on this unique, sustainable, new way of honoring our loved ones.


Burial sites

Discover a new, spacial inexpensive monument for cremated ashes.


Finally, an innovative monument for a crematorium.

Soccer clubs

Dutch sport clubs discover the added value of the Memorial Cube.