A new way of storing ashes and remembering our loved ones.

You place or remove your loved one's spherical urn in or out of the monument. A digital memorial page with text and photos also displays memories of the life of the deceased ("memoirs"). Read more…
Maastricht has the first Memorial Cube world wide at the Tongerseweg cemetery.

Digital memorial page

Using the QR code at the Memorial Cube or the Memorial App allows visitors to read the memoirs of the deceased located in the memorial. These "memoirs" can also be created by next of kin for all other graves in the cemetery , with which the cemetery gets its own history book. Read more…

Grave finder cemetery

De Memorial App ondersteunt de bezoeker van de begraafplaats bij het zoeken naar een bepaald graf. De app toont een lijst met namen van alle overledenen die zich op de begraafplaats bevinden waarin u eenvoudig kunt zoeken. Nadat u een overledene heeft geselecteerd verschijnt een plattegrond met een marker van het graf.

Who can use the Memorial Cube?

Consumers and funeral homes can reserve a spherical urn and a place it in the monument.


People who keep the ashes of their loved ones at home and are looking for another destination for it reserve a place in the Memorial Cube.

  • Other family members/friends/acquaintances can now also visit the deceased because the urn is located in a central location.
  • You prevent any harmful substances that are in the ashes from ending up in nature.
  • You create a digital memorial page yourself so that the “memoirs” are not lost.
  • Discover how it works.

Funeral homes

Funeral homes can order a spherical urn with their account and reserve a place in the Memorial Cube.

  • The funeral home can inform relatives of this new form of ash destination at an early stage. The negative impact of collecting the ashes from the crematorium is often underestimated.
  • Relatives can arrange for the collection of the ashes in the crematorium by the funeral home.
  • The funeral home can support relatives with the interment of the urn in the Memorial Cube.
  • Relatives can take out a short rental period in the Memorial Cube.
  • The funeral home can support next of kin in populating the content of the memorial page.
  • Interested in an account? Please contact us.

In a nutshell

The number of cremations in the Netherlands and abroad is still increasing, and currently amounts to 75% of all deaths in the Netherlands. Cemeteries and crematoria are looking for new forms of ash destinations. The current layout of most cemeteries is outdated and there is currently a transition from cemeteries to modern mourning and memorial parks. The Memorial Cube offers a solution for many current issues and needs.


Since most people today opt for cremation, the popularity of the cemetery has declined. New forms of ash destinations at the cemetery should ensure that these locations become interesting again for relatives.
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Relatives can collect the ashes from the crematorium one month after the cremation, which is an emotional event. The crematorium can support this by placing the spherical urn in the Memorial Cube, which is also possible for a short period of time. At that time, many relatives have not yet thought about a destination for the ashes.
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Learn more about this unique, new form of ash destination.

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Discover a very welcome addition to the cemetery.

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Finally an innovative monument to the crematorium.

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Soccer club

Dutch top clubs are discovering the Memorial Cube.

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Added value for funeral homes

  • Inform relatives about this new way to store ashes
    • The ashes of people cremated in the past are often kept at home for a long time.
    • With the arrival of the Memorial Cube, these ashes can now be kept in a central location.
    • Relatives who have not yet made a choice about the destination of the ashes after cremation, or who have not yet thought about this, can also temporarily store the ashes in the Memorial Cube.
  • Further unburdening of relatives
    • Funeral homes can assist relatives in collecting and depositing the ashes from the crematorium to the Memorial Cube.
    • Funeral homes can support in creating a digital profile of the deceased.

Only a digital profile?

It is also possible to create a memorial page for a deceased who is buried elsewhere in the cemetery or whose ashes have been scattered. You can download the Memorial App for free from November 1 via the App Store and Google Play Store.

  • The profile can be easily created with a smart phone.
  • Changes or additions can be made continuously.
  • You can add pictures to the memoires.
  •